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TCL ice rink 2022_edited.jpg

Thorncliff Community League Ice Rink

Ice Rink 2023-2024 Season

Current Ice conditions

As soon as the temperatures drop sufficiently, we will start flooding the ice rink field. 

A HUGE THANKS to the volunteers who worked hard to keep the ice in fantastic shape throughout the season. 

Lights: There are 10 light standards surrounding the rink. Unfortunately, only three lights are functioning at the moment, and will probably not be repaired this season. The lights are on a timer and should come on at sunset and stay on until 10 PM. However, the timer does not seem to be working at the moment, so the three lights are on 24/7. If you have any expertise or experience in such matters, please Contact Us.

Location: The ice rink is located in Thorncliff Park just west of the basketball court and the community garden (see image to the right). Our volunteers are working hard to keep the ice and two park benches clear of snow. The rink is open until 10 pm when the rink lights are turned off.

Rink Rules: PLEASE follow the posted rules on the signs by the two park benches located near the front (south) end of the rink. These rules are also shown in the image below. 

Snow shovel and bench by TCL sea can storage bin. PLEASE plant the shovel upright in the snowbank when you are done. If it is lying down and it snows, it will get buried and we won't be able to find it.

Ice rink during throughout the winther season

Many area residents  enjoyed the skating at the Thorncliff Community League skating rink this winter season.  A huge THANK YOU goes out to our volunteers who worked hard to keep the ice in fantastic shape. We hope to bring the ice back next winter. This last season, laying down the ice began in late November, and the rink became skateable in mid-January, 2022. Below are some images of the ice rink on various dates throughout the season. CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE. 
December 10
January 13

By the way ...

By the way, TCL used to have an ice rink with boards and everything. And we used to have a lot of volunteers to help out maintain our modest holdings and participate in league activities. 

What happened?

The TCL ice rink was originally built in 1970's. 


Over time, the boards deteriorated and became unsafe, and had to be torn down.

Demolition happened in July of 2019. 

After everything was hauled away, this is all that was left: 10 lamp posts and an empty field. 

Every winter, TCL volunteers flood the field to create a snow bank ice rink (see above).

What about all our volunteers? ... COVID.



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