TCL is a member of the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL). The mandate of every EFCL member league is to serve its league members. In order for TCL to best serve our community, we encourage Thorncliff residents to join the league. Together we form a strong voice and collectively we can work together to resolve civic, social, and safety matters. 

TCL wants to help improve the quality of life for Thorncliff residents. We understand that safety was a major area of concern. As a united community, we can work together to resolve this issue for the benefit of everyone. Residents have also told us that they want to get to know their neighbours. As a community league, we invite the people of Thorncliff to come together by hosting social events and offering various programs, but we can’t do it without support and assistance from our neighbours who live in Thorncliff.

Lend your voice. Support the needs of our community by becoming an active member of TCL.


The League’s priorities for the 2019-2020 membership year will continue to be as follows:

  • Grow the membership through meaningful communication and community activities

  • Develop new, and build on existing community partnerships

  • Offer community programs that are needed and wanted by members and the community

  • Host community events to create unity and help members connect with their neighbours

  • Repair and maintain the multi-purpose areas of the Thorncliff Park leased and managed by TCL

  • Engage community residents in the plans to redevelop the skating rink area

  • Advocate, as required, on behalf of the community regarding safety matters that affect all residents

  • Conduct regular environmental scans by researching and keeping abreast of current and upcoming civic and inter-community matters that directly affect TCL members and Thorncliff residents. Participate in meetings, engage in open forums, and take action to lend support, but only after consensus to participate as a community league is achieved.


Scheduled League Meetings
Members and non-members of TCL are welcome to attend Board meetings of the League. In fact, we encourage you to attend!

Come join us and hear first-hand about the activities of the TCL in your community.
Location: within Thorncliff shopping center

2019/2020 Meeting Dates

October 24, 2019 - Annual General Meeting open to all Members and residents of Thorncliff - 5:30pm - 6:00 p.m.

2019 Board Meeting Minutes


Note: Dates are subject to change