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All plots have been assigned for this 2024 season.

The Thorncliff Community Garden (TCG) is located in the fenced area behind the Thorncliff Elementary School on 175th street. It officially opened in May 2017, includes 17 6ftX12ft garden beds built by TCL volunteers. The original gardeners can be seen in the image to the left.

In 2018 we introduced a community watering schedule and experienced tremendous growth. We produced all kinds of vegetables like zucchini, peppers, beans, beets, lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, peas, corn, you name it!  Red and yellow tomatoes grew plump on the vines.  It's so gratifying to watch this once barren space become a sea of healthy greenery each summer. 

Members of the community who rent a garden plot have the privilege of enjoying nutritious ORGANIC vegetables at a cost of $25 per growing season. They enjoy the pride that comes from growing their own vegetables. Gardeners eagerly share (see garden tips below) their gardening knowledge and experience with our novice gardeners and we have created a new community within a community.  Our children love the experience of watching the plants produce a harvest and the sheer pleasure of plucking and eating freshly picked vegetables from their own family garden.

garden 2019 2.jpg

Our garden is operated as a community garden, and as such you must be a member of our community league in order to qualify for a garden plot. In addition to planting and maintaining your own organic garden bed, each member is required to share duties during the growing season for maintaining common areas, watering community beds, filling water tanks, and ensuring the overall curbside appeal of the garden is always at its best. Every gardener must sign and adhere to a Gardener’s Contract and Schedule (posted below) before being assigned a garden bed.

Applications (see forms below) to become a Thorncliff community gardener are due by May 30. All gardeners are expected to attend the first meeting of the community gardeners, which is usually held in our community garden in early May (weather permitting) and time to be announced on our home page. The official planting day typically takes place on the second Saturday in May with all gardens planted by mid-June. Below are various documents providing detailed information about the upcoming growing season, gardener's responsibilities, and application process.


To view these documents, simply double click on the highlighted titlesIf you have any question related to these documents, please Contact Us.

  1. Application Form: Anyone interested in renting a garden bed for this year's season must submit an application form BY APRIL 30. This can be done in two ways

    • Printable PDF application: download and fill out this PDF form and submit it as indicated within the document. This is not a fillable form, but you can use the Adobe Add Text tab, save the document, and then email it, or send it by post, to the address given in the document.

    • Google Form  application: Fill in the Google Form on-line and submit electronically. Easy-peasy. 

      Note that submitting this form will not guarantee that your application is successful. All applications are accepted for consideration until all garden plots are assigned, but preference is given to Thorncliff residents. As well, all applicants must have a Thorncliff membership number. 
      Please see
      for details on obtaining a TCL membership.

  2. Gardener's Contract: Successful applicants must sign the gardener's contract, which lists basic gardening responsibilities and requirements. Please familiarize yourself with the contract requirements before submitting your application form. Garden fees are due when you sign the Gardeners' Contract, which normally takes place at first gardeners' meeting.
    Please, also read this Schedule to Community Gardner's Contract.

  3. Gardening Details: A comprehensive description of gardening policies, procedures and responsibilities, relationship to the community, and meetings are provided in this document. 

(double click on image to enlarge)

Repairing the beds.

Repairing a few garden beds in preparation for the growing season.

Getting ready for the 2022 season.

Getting the garden beds ready for the 2022 gardeners.

Turning the soil.

Turning the soil.

Preparing for fence repair.

Repairing the garden fence.

Little garden  helper.

A little help is always appreciated in the garden.

Starting to plant.

Gardening is easy when you have good helpers.

Central Flower Bed

Our master gardener panting the central flower bed.

Our garden is getting greener and greener.

Bicycle helmets not required in our garden!

Having fun in the dirt.

Tending the compost.


Our community garden is in full bloom (July 23)


Gardening Tips

garden tips
  1. Send us your gardening tips to be posted here.

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