Playground Zone Warning and Speed Limits

  • In general, the speed limit on all Thorncliff residential streets is now 40 km/hr unless otherwise posted.

  • The City recently replaced the old school zone signs with new playground zone signs by both St. Justin’s and Thorncliffe Elementary Schools along 175 Street. As well, new playground zone signs have also been installed along 82 Avenue bordering Thorncliff Park. 

  • Playground zone signs are different from school zone signs because the maximum speed limit of 30 km/hour is between 7:30 am and 9:00 pm seven days a week, 365 days a year, NOT just during school hours during the school year.

  • So, SLOW DOWN and keep our children safe in their own community every hour, every day.

  • Speeding ticket are for at least $80.  If you drive through at 15 km/hour or more over the 30 km speed limit, you’ll earn yourself two demerit points. 

Off Leash Dogs in the Park

  • Complaints have been made about dogs being let off leash and not being under control in Thorncliff Park. The biggest complaint has been about owners not picking up after their dogs.

  • According to City of Edmonton bylaws, dogs are NOT allowed on parkland property (i.e. Callingwood Park, Thorncliff Park, and the Whitemud Green Spaces) even if they are leashed and under control. Dogs are only allowed on City Parkland where signage permits ,or on the areas that has been designated as a legal off leash area.

  • For Thorncliff Park, dogs can be walked on the trail system as long as they are leashed and kept at least ten metres from any developed playground or picnic site. 

  • When that isn’t the case, most animal control officers will use their discretion.  If the animal is leashed and poop bags are carried on the owner, and they are not walking or running in the playgrounds or ball fields, etc., they will often let it go.  Since there have been many complaints of uncontrolled dogs in the park and playgrounds, as well as abandoned dog poop, the officers have good reason to enforce the bylaws.