Tatiana Kastner

Safety Director

The Valley Line West LRT- Update

Construction bulletin 2021

Beginning on or around September 28, ~1,200 trees will be removed on City of Edmonton property between Lewis Farms and Glenora (up to 138 Street) in preparation for Valley Line West LRT construction.This work will occur during daytime hours (9 a.m. –3 p.m.)and is expected to last two months.Crews will endeavour to work on the boulevards adjacent to the trees, however, temporary parking and traffic interruptions may occur. Further, pedestrian traffic may be detoured while the work occurs.The City of Edmonton makes every effort to preserve trees where possible, and to replace them at project completion if they must be removed.

This will be a Moving Work Zone –work will not be fixed to one location but will move from site-to-site along the alignment between Lewis Farms Transit Centre through to the Glenora area(Stony Plain Rd and 138Street). •Work will occur during off-peak hours (9 a.m. –3 p.m.) •This work is expected to last two months.

•There will be periodic traffic interruptions while this work occurs (15 minutes up to three hours at each location). •Pedestrian traffic may be detoured to the opposite side of the road.


What is the City’s approach to tree removals for Valley Line West?

•Each tree affected has been assessed and recorded by the City and Marigold.•Under the City of Edmonton policy, Marigold will be compensating the City for each tree being removed.

•There will be a full landscaping plan that will see plantings of ~1,800 new native trees and shrubs to areas along the alignment.

•Tree cutting will occur outside of the bird nesting season, so nesting migratory birds will not be disturbed.


What goes into the decision to remove trees?

•Is the tree of an age that the roots could damage infrastructure along the alignment?

•Will the location of the trees affect the operation of the train or be in the way of a noise attenuation wall or shared use path?

•Will the trees be in the way of utility lines?

•What is the size of the tree? Larger trees will not survive any attempt at relocation.

•What is the species of the tree?

Sometimes cutting near the roots of a tree is enough to cause it to fail.


The information in this bulletin is current to September 21, 2021. Please note that all dates are approximate and weather dependent. We thank you for your patience and understanding during the construction of the Valley Line West LRT project.Marigold Infrastructure Partners is excited to be a part of Edmonton’s economic recovery



Neighborhood Awareness 2021


August 29th 2021

Starting Sunday August 29th, West Edmonton Mall Transit Center will be temporarily moving to 90 Avenue to accommodate Valley Line West construction. The temporary change is to help with the construction of the Valley Line West L.R.T. West Edmonton Mall's transit center has been planned to stay on 90 avenue until the construction is done.




























​​If you use the transit centre, please see the maps below to help you determine where to catch your bus.






Wem 1.jpg

Free Book reading session/Annual general meeting

August 28th 2021

Annual General Meeting

A Thorncliff league membership is required to vote

On August 28th, The community league will be hosting its Annual General Meeting at Thorncliff Park. This meeting will provide a report to the community on what has transpired during the current fiscal year and where we would like to be in the future. Everyone is welcomed, regardless of their gender, marital status or cultural background. Each resident is valued and encouraged to share their voice on concerns or ideas to make Thorncliff a better place to live. The best part is, you don't have to bring a friend! Your presence is enough. The board has a diverse and friendly group of individuals who love these points of connection. We look forward to seeing you at the event. If you would like to attend the event, please send an email to info@thorncliffcl.ca to reserve a spot.

Free book reading session for your loved ones

Stories have always been a medium to inspire change, build futures and discover worlds. Everybody has a story, but not everyone is willing to listen.Thorncliff has partnered with Edmonton's public library to provide a FREE book reading session for children on August 28th within Thorncliff park. Reserve a spot for your loved ones by clicking on this post.

Follow our social media outlets to get updated information on the league's affairs. The Annual General Meeting will be held on 8215 175 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 0G9 (Thorncliff Park)

 Gardening in the Summer of 2020

Members of the community who rent a 6ft X 12ft garden plot have the privilege of enjoying nutritious ORGANIC vegetables at the cost of $25 per growing season. They enjoy the pride that comes from growing their vegetables. Gardeners eagerly share their gardening knowledge and experience with our novice gardeners. Our children love the experience of watching the plants produce a harvest and the sheer pleasure of plucking and eating freshly picked vegetables from their family garden.

cherry tomatoes.jpg

Winterfest 2020! 

Thorncliff Community League invites you to come for some winter fun on the Family Day weekend.  There will be bonfires, skating, broomball, cookies, hot drinks and a visit from our Community Mascot.  Bring your family, and your neighbours to this free event for all residents of Thorncliff.


Thorncliff Skating Rink 

Building Rink Nov 2019.jpg

 The timer for the night lights was repaired over the summer so the rink is open daily until 10:00 p.m. Special thanks to Thorncliff School for providing the water and electricity to run the skating rink year after year after year.

New this season, we're going to keep the basketball courts clear of snow and have moved the hockey nets inside so our local hockey enthusiasts can still practice their shots and play a game of scrimmage from time to time.


The Ice Rink is currently closed 

A Community League is a group of your neighbours who volunteer to build the community by organizing events, activities and programs in your community. To find out more about what the Thorncliff Community League (TCL) does, visit our Events, Recruitment, Community Programs, and Community Matters Pages. 
In 2019, we hosted our 4th Annual Winterfest Event, a Community Yard Sale, and an End of Summer BBQ to celebrate Thorncliff Youth. The goal of TCL events is to draw the community together in an environment that can create social connections and awareness.  Take the opportunity to get to know your neighbour at these events and participate in some fun activities with your family and friends. 
The skating rink was a high priority this year. Thanks to consistent cold temperatures and many tireless volunteer hours, our outdoor skating rink had the best ice surface in years. Work continued this summer with our rink redevelopment project with the rink boards and wire mess being demolished and removed for safety reasons. Many thanks to six hard working local men for the expertise in seeing this 3-phase project completed. The Community League will not be replacing the rink boards as this would be a major undertaking to fund and manage the project. The cost to rebuild to today's standards is about $100,000.

The Board is pleased the owner of the Thorncliff Shopping Centre has improved the curb appeal of the mini mall and that the lighting in the parking lot is being better managed and the graffiti on the buildings is being removed.
Thanks to all the volunteers who are helping us create a better community.