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Neighbourhood Watch programs are geared toward creating safer communities through crime prevention programs and education. It is crime prevention FOR the community BY the community.


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The neighbourhood is using an app called Nextdoor to stay in touch with what’s happening in our community. We use it to organise local events, share safety tips and recommendations, put things up for sale, and to simply get to know one another better. Come join us! Send us an email to get the invitation or visit your app store to download the app. 

*Report all crimes, suspicious activities and suspicious persons to the Edmonton Police Service by calling 780-423-4567, online on the EPS website, #377 on your cell phone or using the EPS mobile app.

TCL maintains the grounds and manages the activity spaces, which include a model car race track, skating rink, basketball court, and the recently established community garden. The League is a member of the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues and has partnered with the Thorncliffe School in many ways.

One of the objectives for TCL is to offer youth programs for Thorncliff residents. This summer, we plan to bring back the weekly drop-in soccer program and a youth basketball program. Everyone is welcome, no matter if you are a beginner or a skilled player. Information on programs offered is noted below.

If you have any questions about TCL programs or are interested in helping us explore opportunities for starting new ones in Thorncliff, please contact us at info@thorncliffcl.ca.

The multi-purpose area of Thorncliff Park, located on the grounds between Thorncliffe School and St. Justin's School, is owned by the City of Edmonton but managed by the Thorncliff Community League (TCL).

THORNCLIFF SKATING RINK during the winter season
Area residents enjoy the best of the winter season at the Thorncliff Community League skating rink located in Thorncliff Park.  Our volunteers are working hard to keep the ice in fantastic shape.  Our rink is one of the first outdoor community rinks to be built ithis season.
The Ice Rink is currently closed 
skating rink building.jpg
Flooding Nov 2019 2.jpg
Building Rink Nov 2019.jpg


It's wonderful to see the children and youth grow in size and talent with each passing year. We've really become a close nit group over the past few years. Each summer we host a friendly yet competitive game of soccer every Thursday evening from mid-June to mid-September. Participants enjoy fresh watermelon or freezies and lots of cold  water provided to quench their thirsts. Many thanks to everyone who volunteers their time to run this program and thanks to the kids who come out to play week after week, summer after summer. More photos of the kids enjoying the program can be found in the photo gallery on the Home page. 

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THORNCLIFF COMMUNITY GARDEN - Sowing Seeds of Opportunity

garden 2019 1.jpg

The Thorncliff Community Garden (TCG), officially opened in May 2017, includes 16 6'X12' garden beds built by TCL volunteers. In 2018 we introduced a community watering schedule and experienced tremendous growth. We produced all kinds of vegetables like zucchini, peppers, beans, beets, lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, peas, corn, you name it!  Red and yellow tomatoes grew plump on the vines.  It's so gratifying to watch this once barren space become a sea of healthy greenery each summer. 

Members of the community who rent a 6ft X 12ft garden plot have the privilege of enjoying nutritious ORGANIC vegetables at a cost of $25 per growing season. They enjoy the pride that comes from growing their own vegetables. Gardeners eagerly share their gardening knowledge and experience with our novice gardeners and we have created a new community within a community.  Our children love the experience of watching the plants produce a harvest and the sheer pleasure of plucking and eating freshly picked vegetables from their own family garden. To see more photos of the community gardeners at work, visit our photo gallery on the home page.

To find out how you can join the Thorncliff Community Garden next year, please Email us at info@thorncliffcl.ca.

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The City of Edmonton Summer Green Shack Program returned to Thorncliff Park this summer weekdays  from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm during the months of July and August. This is a fully supervised daily summer free drop-in program offered in the safety of our own neighbourhood park. The program is targeted to children age 6 to 12 but adult accompanied children of any age are welcome to attend. It's really a great program that offers summertime fun for children in our community. For information on last year's program,please contact us.


It didn't take Margaret and her energetic crew of local youth time to get down to work and paint new lines on the basketball courts in May 2018. TCL introduced a new youth basketball skill-building program for youth 7-15 years, and it just didn't seem right not having the court look its best.  So Program Co-Lead, Margaret, and her crew of rising basketball stars rose to the challenge and got the job done in no time.  And to add the finishing touches, Randy painted the basketball poles black and hung new nets on the basketball hoops just in time for the program start date.  Many thanks to these fine young volunteers for their awesome work.

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