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Welcome to the Thorncliff Community


  • The activities and programs available in our community depends entirely on the League's ability to attract volunteers. At the moment, the TCL is operating on minimal organizing team of volunteers so our programs are limited to the community garden during the summer and the skating rink during the winter. If you wish to see our programs expanded to other activities, consider signing up as a volunteer by contacting our Membership Director through the Contact Us tab or attend one of our TCL directors' meeting.

  • Next meeting of the TCL directors will be held sometime in February (TBA) at the Rock, Paper, Scissors Cafe in the Thorncliffe Mall.

Thorncliff Community Area Map
TC map.png
TCL boundary.jpg





Race Track

The Google map above shows Thorncliff Community boundary in white. The Thorncliff Park is the central green area where the Thorncliff Community League's (TCL's) managed space is shown outlined in red. A more detailed map of the TCL's space is shown in the image to the right. It houses the model car race track, winter snowbank skating rink, basketball court, and community garden. You can find an enlarged community map under the About Us tab.

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