Creating Community through our Connections

Save the date for Winterfest 2020! Saturday, February 15 - 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

Thorncliff Community League invites you to come for some winter fun on the Family Day weekend.  There will be bonfires, skating, broomball, cookies, hot drinks and a visit from our Community Mascot.  Bring your family, and your neighbours to this free event for all residents of Thorncliff.

Thorncliff Skating Rink Open for Your Skating Pleasure

Thanks to our dedicated volunteer, Randy Niederhaus, our outdoor winter skating rink is now open for your skating pleasure. We're pleased the weather is cooperating for ice making. As more flooding occurs and the snow continues to fall, the quality of the ice will continue to improve. The timer for the night lights was repaired over the summer so the rink is open daily until 10:00 p.m. Special thanks to Thorncliff School for providing the water and electricity to run the skating rink year after year after year.

New this season, we're going to keep the basketball courts clear of snow and have moved the hockey nets inside so our local hockey enthusiasts can still practice their shots and play a game of scrimmage from time to time.

We hope you find time to enjoy the rink and the ball hockey area this year.

Thorncliff Community League… creating community through our connections.
"What is a community league and what do we do?

A Community League is a group of your neighbours who volunteer to build the community by organizing events, activities and programs in your community. To find out more about what the Thorncliff Community League (TCL) does, visit our Events, Community Programs, and Community Matters webpages. 
This year we hosted our 4th Annual Winterfest Event, a Community Yard Sale, and an End of Summer BBQ to celebrate Thorncliff Youth. The goal of TCL events is to draw the community together in an environment that can create social connections and awareness.  Take the opportunity to get to know your neighbour at these events and participate in some fun activities with your family and friends. 
The skating rink was a high priority this year. Thanks to consistent cold temperatures and many tireless volunteer hours, our outdoor skating rink had the best ice surface in years. Work continued this summer with our rink redevelopment project with the rink boards and wire mess being demolished and removed for safety reasons. Many thanks to six hard working local men for the expertise in seeing this 3-phase project completed. The Community League will not be replacing the rink boards as this would be a major undertaking to fund and manage the project. The cost to rebuild to today's standards is about $100,000.

The Board is pleased the owner of the Thorncliff Shopping Centre has improved the curb appeal of the mini mall and that the lighting in the parking lot is being better managed and the graffiti on the buildings is being removed.
Thanks to all the volunteers who are helping us create a better community.

Randy Niederhaus

To learn out more about the ongoing activities of the League, see our 2019 Annual Report to the Membership. 


What is a Community League Membership?

At its simplest, the Thorncliff Community League (TCL) is a group of your neighbours who volunteer to organize events, activities and programs in our community.  The first Community League formed 100 years ago and today, there are 157 Community Leagues all across the City.   Everyone in Edmonton lives within the boundary of a Community League. TCL is bound on the North by 87 Avenue, on the East by 170 Street, on the West by 178 Street, and on the south by Whitemud Drive.

People living in Thorncliff who purchase a community league membership, help our Community League bring residents together, improve the community amenities, and enhance the quality of life for you and your neighbours. We do this through organizing recreational, education and sport programming, hosting community parties and events, developing and maintaining amenities such as our playgrounds, basketball court, skating rink, model car racetrack, and a community garden, and by being the voice of the community when it comes to civic matters that impact our neighbourhood.

The Thorncliff Community League is a member in good standing with the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL). To discover the many benefits of a community league membership visit EFCL.

The following benefits come with the purchase of an annual Community League Membership:

  • A voice in shaping your community

  • Meet, socialize, and network with your neighbours at TCL community events, and at special community meetings and forums

  • Opportunities to volunteer and stay involved and be connected within your neighbourhood

  • Advanced notice of programs and activities hosted by TCL for children, youth and adults

  • Skate tags to enjoy free skating on any outdoor community league rink across the City

  • Free access to Commonwealth Community Recreation Centre

  • A 20% discount at any City of Edmonton Recreation Centre through the Community League Wellness Program League memberships are valid from September 1 to August 31 and are renewed annually

  • Enrollment of your children in City of Edmonton organized sports programs requires a community league membership.

  • Current membership entitles you to vote at Special membership meetings and the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on TCL matters

  • Stay current about what’s happening in our community by attending membership meetings, making regular visits to the TCL website, and subscribing to our membership newsletter

Membership Levels

  1. Family ($25.00/year) – For adult(s), youth 18 and under, and children living at the same residence

  2. Individual ($10.00/year) – For individual adults

  3. Senior ($5.00/year) – For an individual senior, 65 years and older


How to apply for membership:

To learn more about TCL membership, or to purchase a membership in person, please contact us at or call Darlene at 780-243-2540. Alternatively:

  • Apply online for your family TCL membership today at Thorncliff Community League Membership or click the "Thorncliff Community League Membership" button below on this page.

  • Purchase a membership in person at any Servus Credit Union.


To learn more about volunteering or becoming a member of the Board of Directors click the "Volunteer Opportunities" button above, under the community photo.

Creating Community through our Connections

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Creating Community through our Connections