Daniel Wako Social Director

Daniel Wako

Social Director

Surprised by all the activity that’s been happening in your neighbourhood?  
Want to be kept informed about community activities taking place in Thorncliff?
If you answered “yes” to any of the above, now is a perfect time to join the Thorncliff Community League.

We're currently looking for a few talented and conscientious volunteer members to lead and strengthen our programs for building a strong community of people who are happy, active and engaged.

Creating Community through our Connections
Five Direct Benefits of Being Part of Community
Community graphic.jpg
1. Security
Think of Community as the opposite of Isolation.  Isolation means we are alone, nobody knows if we are present or missing, at peace or in trouble.  Being in community means having the security of proximity - somebody that is near enough to see if something is not right or to help or respond if necessary.

2. Opportunity
Think of Community as your personal intelligence gathering agency.  Being in community opens us to increased knowledge and awareness of opportunities.   For example, do you know where the free swimming is available every week?  It's a benefit of being part of Community.


3. Networking
Think of Community as a living version of Kijiji.  Need a couch, a car, a job, a babysitter?  Being in community puts you in direct contact with people who can help you.  The old saying is valid; "it's not only what you know, but who you know."    
4. Motivation
Think of Community as the spark plug to your ideas and your goals.  Being in community means there are others that share your goals and they can provide the motivation to put actions to your plans.  You are much more likely to carry through with your ideas when someone else is meeting you there, or working on the project with you.

5. Fulfillment
Think of Community as the puzzle that needs your piece.  We carry our own particular shape and ability and personality and we can be complete and confident in our own identity.  Being part of community gives us a bigger picture of how our identity fits in the bigger picture.  As we find our place in community we see the purpose we contribute to the many pieces around us.