Volunteer Opportunities

Call to Action for Residents of Thorncliff

Surprised by all the activity that’s been happening in your neighbourhood?  
Want to be kept informed about community activities taking place in Thorncliff?
Interested in joining a social neighbourhood network that will help you to meet new people? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, now is a perfect time to join the Thorncliff Community League.

TCL’s Board of Directors continues to work hard to revive the community league and engage the residents of the Thorncliff in common goals and activities. Our goal is to increase our membership and number of active volunteers. We invite all Thorncliff residents to become a member of our community league.

Community volunteer work can be very gratifying. We're currently looking for a few talented and conscientious volunteer board members to lead and strengthen our programs for building a strong community of people who are happy, active and engaged. The time commitment included one evening board meeting per month, plus a few additional hours at your convenience to move specific strategies forward.

When you join the League’s Board, you become a part of a dynamic team that works together to make good things happen.  Directors and Committee Chairs lead specific areas of responsibilities with lots of help from other members, but as a Board, we all work together to get the work done.  Each position has a job description that serves as a guideline for understanding the role and fulfilling respective duties. 


To find out whether this volunteer opportunity is right for you, contact Randy Niederhaus, President, at info@thorncliffcl.ca or call 780-405-8866.  He’ll be happy to tell you more about the exciting opportunities awaiting you as a director of the Thorncliff Community League. 

Creating Community through our Connections
Creating Community through our Connections