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You don't have to bring a friend! Your presence is enough. To vote, residents are required to have a membership.You can purchase one through the EFCL.


About this event

A Thorncliff league membership is required to vote

On August 28th, The community league will be hosting its Annual General Meeting at Thorncliff Park. This meeting will provide a report to the community on what has transpired during the current fiscal year and where we would like to be in the future. Everyone is welcomed, regardless of their gender, marital status or cultural background. Each resident is valued and encouraged to share their voice on concerns or ideas to make Thorncliff a better place to live. The best part is, you don't have to bring a friend! Your presence is enough. The board has a diverse and friendly group of individuals who love these points of connection. We look forward to seeing you at the event. If you would like to attend the event, please send an email to info@thorncliffcl.ca to reserve a spot.

Free book reading session for Children - (Activities during the event)

Stories have always been a medium to inspire change, build futures and discover worlds. Everybody has a story, but not everyone is willing to listen.Thorncliff has partnered with Edmonton's public library to provide a FREE book reading session for children on August 28th within Thorncliff park. Reserve a spot for your loved ones by clicking on this post.

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The Annual General Meeting will be held on 8215 175 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 0G9 (Thorncliff Park)



Website: thorncliffcl.ca/

Email: info@thorncliffcl.ca


Nomination Calls-(Want to be apart of a diverse and ethically motivated community building group?look no further, Thorncliff would love to have you join us.

Sent annually to all current TCL members no later than August via email with direction to the TCL website for more details and advertised in the spring and summer e-newsletters.


SUBJECT:  TCL Volunteer Opportunities – Annual Call for Nominations


Thank you for being a member of the Thorncliff Community League!


TCL’s Board of Directors continues to work hard to revive the community league and engage the residents of Thorncliff in common goals and activities. Our goal for the next fiscal year is to once again increase our membership and active volunteers and to continue to offer free community events and outdoor children's programs in the summertime. 


This is the time of year when we recruit new members for the TCL Board of Directors. Community volunteer work can be very gratifying. Do you have a 2-4 hours a month that you could offer TCL to help us keep our community engaged?


When you join the League’s Board, you become a part of a vibrant team that works together to make good things happen.  Directors and Committee Chairs lead specific areas of responsibilities with lots of help from other members, but as a Board, we all work together to get the work done.  Each position has a job description that serves as a guideline for understanding the role and fulfilling respective duties. 


We are now accepting nominations for the following director positions for two-year terms that begin as of our Annual General Meeting to be held on Saturday, August (28, 2021). Position descriptions are attached to this email.  


All positions are available




Community Programs Director

Communications Director

Membership Director

Social Director

Volunteer Director


For details on how to submit a nomination, or to find out more about the role of a specific director position, please contact me at info@thorncliffcl.ca.  I’ll be happy to tell you about the exciting opportunities awaiting you. 


Thank you for your kind consideration.

Five Direct Benefits of Being Part of Community
Community graphic.jpg
1. Security
Think of Community as the opposite of Isolation.  Isolation means we are alone, nobody knows if we are present or missing, at peace or in trouble.  Being in community means having the security of proximity - somebody that is near enough to see if something is not right or to help or respond if necessary.

2. Opportunity
Think of Community as your personal intelligence gathering agency.  Being in community opens us to increased knowledge and awareness of opportunities.   For example, do you know where the free swimming is available every week?  It's a benefit of being part of Community.


3. Networking
Think of Community as a living version of Kijiji.  Need a couch, a car, a job, a babysitter?  Being in community puts you in direct contact with people who can help you.  The old saying is valid; "it's not only what you know, but who you know."    
4. Motivation
Think of Community as the spark plug to your ideas and your goals.  Being in community means there are others that share your goals and they can provide the motivation to put actions to your plans.  You are much more likely to carry through with your ideas when someone else is meeting you there, or working on the project with you.

5. Fulfillment
Think of Community as the puzzle that needs your piece.  We carry our own particular shape and ability and personality and we can be complete and confident in our own identity.  Being part of community gives us a bigger picture of how our identity fits in the bigger picture.  As we find our place in community we see the purpose we contribute to the many pieces around us.